North Carolina Property Mappers Association

State Certification of Property Mappers

Chapter 326 (H 924), EFFECTIVE January 1, 1994, enacted G.S. 147-54.4, creating a certification program for property mappers administered by the Department of the Secretary of State. The act defines a property mapper as a person employed by a local government and ... responsible for creating and maintaining large-scale cadastral maps. The Secretary of State was directed to establish additional requirements for certification through the Administrative Rules.

The purpose of the requirements for certification are stated in the Administrative Rules to be:

  1. to insure that property mappers employed by local governments have every opportunity to expand their professional knowledge of new and state-of-the-art mapping technologies.
  2. To insure that property mappers have continual principles of property mapping and are cognizant of state laws and established standards pertaining to listing, appraisal, and assessment of real property, and
  3. to insure that the state's investments through grant awards are used wisely and expertly by the local government personnel who supervise large and small scale mapping projects which may be financed, in part, by these funds.
Applicants for state certification must complete the NCPMA Regular Mapping course and exam as well as the UNC School of Government's course in Fundamentals of Listing and Assessing.

The application fee for certification and for renewal of certification is $20.00. A property mapper's certification must be renewed every two (2) years by attending twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education.

The following is a list of courses and meetings pre-approved for continuing education credit toward renewal of state certification.

NCPMA Mapping School24 Hours
NCPMA Regional Workshop8-16 Hours
NCPMA Fall Conference16 Hours
NCPMA GIS Conference8 hours
NC Surveyors Conference16 Hours
NC GIS Conference8 Hours
Surveyors Institute24 Hours
URISA Workshop8-16 Hours
National URISA24 Hours
GIS/LIS24 hours
AM/FM International24 Hours
IAAO Course 600/60124 Hours
IOG Listing & Assessing16 Hours
Society of Surveyors Chapter Meetings*2 Hours

*No more than 12 hours will be credited during the re-certification period. Subject to public review.

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