North Carolina Property Mappers Association

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Albert Taylor Jr. Carteret County
President 1999

May 13, 1999

I would like to welcome all our members to the North Carolina Property Mappers' Association. Our membership this year totals around 350. Over the years, The Legend has been a useful tool to our membership. With almost 20 years of growth, The Legend has made transitions just as our growth in membership. One of the major goals is to have representation from all our 100 counties.

This has been an eventful year for the NCPMA. In February, the NCPMA helped to sponsor the NCGIS Conference. The Legislative Committee and the North Carolina Land Records Director have been alert and staying informed in regards to House Bill 90 - the Land Mapping Funds which appropriates $2,000,000 for grants. To help future Committee Chairpersons be responsible to their committees, a handbook is being produced. Your response and support to these events as members of the NCPMA is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the members who produce The North Arrow, the President's Corner has tried to keep you informed with what has transacted with the Executive Committee. Your Executive Board members during my tenure have been responsible, helpful, constructive and with good qualities of leadership which will lead the NCPMA into the next century.

Part of the 4-H pledge is " make the best better." I encourage you to participate and volunteer your knowledge and resources. Much can be done with the advancement of technology. But it takes your active participation as a member to make it a reality.

Thanks for the opportunity to allow me to serve as your President of the North Carolina Property Mappers Association.


Albert Taylor Jr.
NCPMA President

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