North Carolina Property Mappers Association

Mapping the future since 1980

John Bridgers – Yadkin County
President 2005

As we progress through 2005, our twenty-fifth year of existence as the NC Property Mappers Association, I hope that each one of us will stop and reflect on the changes that have taken place since that time.

Some of our current members were not even born when the NCPMA began in October 1980. At that time, North Carolina had only two telephone area codes; most homes did not have a microwave or a PC and a gallon of gasoline cost just over a dollar. The big news of the year was the hostages in Iran and the election of Ronald Reagan.

It was on this backdrop that the 91 mappers representing 49 counties met in Chapel Hill to organize the North Carolina Property Mappers Association. This year we have 390 members representing 98 counties, and cities and towns across the state. We now have more counties represented than we had members at that time.

The membership of our organization would not grow unless there was continued feeling among the individual members of the importance of being a member.

The list server has proven to be a tremendous success as a forum of exchanging ideas and fostering continuity across county lines. The Legislature says to the counties, “Counties y’all go ‘do’ this.” But doesn’t always give direction on how to carry out its directives. As a result each of the 100 counties can interpret the directive differently. The list server gives us the opportunity to hash out the finer points of the law and carry on a valuable dialog to insure continuity of mapping standards and practices across the county lines (sometimes with a touch of humor).

The Executive Board and its various committees continue to work towards improving the Association and provide the highest quality educational opportunities through Mapping School, workshops, and Fall Conference at the lowest cost possible. This year we provided four workshops across the state for Plat Review and for Orthophotography. The Standards Committee has worked hard to nail down mapping standards reflecting the changes in technology in use today. Also this year, we are adding one day to Fall Conference for concurrent workshops.

It has been my pleasure to serve as President of the North Carolina Property Mappers Association for 2004 – 2005. However without the support of the rest of the Executive Board, Committee Chairman, and committee members I would not have made it through the year. It is our duty as the Executive Board to serve the membership of the Association. It is also the duty of the members to let us know how we can best serve you and in what direction to take the NCPMA.

I urge all members to get involved in the association. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and watch. Your input is invaluable! It’s a fun ride that I guarantee you won’t soon forget.


John Bridgers aka Lord Yadkin!

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