North Carolina Property Mappers Association

Mapping the future since 1980

E Marie Monteith – Buncombe County
President 2003

A quote comes to my mind whenever I think about mapping and our association. “The one thing you can be sure of is change” After being involved in mapping for more years than I even want to admit to I firmly believe that. I have seen mapping evolve from walking in with a protractor and piece of graph paper, to drafting machines and Leroy sets, to full-blown GIS usage. Along with that we have changed. From drafting, geography and engineering backgrounds to computer programming and analysts we as a group have evolved. I still feel one thing remains constant among us though. We have to like puzzles and have a need to put all the pieces together (and get them to fit) to see the overall view.

My involvement with this association has greatly enriched my life and I have formed friendships that mean more to me than I can put into words. We are a close-knit group and with the aid of the list server, emails, North Arrow and web page stay in contact throughout the year. Our annual mapping school and conference always give me a feeling of family reunions. (but we got to pick these family members). Being on the board and getting involved in various endeavors does take a lot of time, but you get back what you put into an organization. I would urge all of you to become more involved if you aren’t so that you can receive the full benefits of your membership.

The Executive Board continues to work hard to provide you with quality educational programs and workshops at the lowest costs. This year we have jumped through all the hoops we had to to obtain our non-profit status so that the future of our association is secure. We provided workshops covering DOT maps and Review Officer duties, continued to improve our mapping courses and increased the use of our electronic network across the State. Our association receives recognition not only within our state but also across the United States. We are being used as a model to form associations in other states.

It has been an honor to serve as president of this association. Without the support and dedication from the Executive Board, Committee Chairmen and committee members I would not have made it. I can never say thank you enough to all of you. Get involved and be a vital part of this group. Our duties are to serve our members but you as members have a duty to let us know what you need and what direction you would like to see our association move in. This is a necessity if our organization is going to continue to grow and prosper.



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