North Carolina Property Mappers Association

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Pamela H. Carver Henderson County
President 1998

April 15, 1998

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our 1998 members to the North Carolina Property Mappers Association. This year has already been very busy. A special effort has been made to deliver the Legend to you as early as possible. Thank you one and all, for your hard work and early membership response that made this possible.

The Legend has a new look this year. Because the Legend has grown in pages, we now need to use a design with a binding. This gives us the opportunity to add more pages with more information. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for improvements of the Legend. Your Board is working hard to bring this organization into the future. This year we are adding more ways for our membership to keep in touch. Look for a reference to our homepage and a membership e-mail list, in the next publication of the North Arrow. These will be supported by the Institute of Government and North Carolina Land Records Management.

The Board has supported a grant proposal by CGIA and NCLRMP which may furnish future workshops statewide on "Metadata". We will also co-sponsor the 1999 GIS Conference with CGIA and URISA. Our relationship with related organizations must continue to grow as the changing mapping technology brings us closer together.

The membership database has been updated in a universal format that will be accessible by more users than ever. We also hope to improve the circulation of our newsletter The North Arrow.

These are just some of the items your Board is working on. Please let me know if there are any issues that you feel we need to address. I would like to encourage everyone to be in touch with me by e-mail, fax, phone, or just regular old snail mail! I will welcome any input.

Communication is the key to success!


Pam Carver
NCPMA President

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