North Carolina Property Mappers Association

Mapping the future since 1980

Patricia Pike Ė Onslow County
President 2006

I hope you are as excited as I am to receive your new Legend. I always keep the most current Legend on the corner of my desk, where I can easily reach it, because it is more important to me than the local phone directory. It gets used quite a bit more too. The Legend is more than just a membership directory. This little book is packed with facts and figures covering our state, along with the history, constitution and bylaws of our association.

Our world is always changing, and trying to keep up with technology is tough. The Executive Board works diligently to provide you with opportunities to network with your peers across the state in order that you may exchange ideas, learn of new technology, and resolve problems. This year two new committees were formed because of issues discussed at the NCPMA annual conference. The new DOT Committee proved that cooperation between agencies can be achieved through understanding what is needed by all parties involved. After just a few meetings, the use of new technology has allowed each county a quick and easy way to obtain right-of-way plans from DOT. The new Census Committee gave us an opportunity to meet face to face with key Census contacts, as well as, contacts from the State Board of Elections, State Data Center and the NC General Assembly. An opportunity to take IAAO Course 601 at a discount rate was provided and we have been given the opportunity to receive credit hours for taking the Appraisal Course 101. The Board also set up workshops across the state on Flood Mapping and NC One Map which proved to be quite informative and helpful. Still to come is the annual Mapping School and our Annual Conference, which will provide an in-depth workshop on working with DOT right-of-way plans. As you can see the Board is working hard to make sure you have every opportunity possible to continue to learn so that you can continue to be successful in your job.

I consider it a privilege to have been given the honor to serve as your President. I am grateful for the opportunity and I know I am blessed to have served with such an outstanding Board. The President can not achieve things alone; it takes the dedication of the entire Board to get the job done. Of course, the NCPMA would not be successful without each and every one of you. You make the difference. Please continue to support the NCPMA by participating in the workshops, schools and conferences. Make your voice heard. Contact me or any Board Member with your ideas, suggestions or even your complaints. This is your organization and by all of us working together, there is nothing we canít accomplish. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.



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