North Carolina Property Mappers Association

Mapping the future since 1980

Richard Davis Forsyth County
President 2000

It is a great honor to introduce all of our members to the millennium edition of the North Carolina Property Mappers Association's The Legend. What began many years ago as a simple directory of membership has evolved into a publication that is informative, educational and hopefully useful to you as members of the NCPMA.

Now in our twentieth year, the NCPMA has grown into one of the most respected mapping associations in the nation. Every member past or present should take pride in the advancements we have made in our professional organization. I firmly believe the NCPMA's educational programs are greatly responsible for these advancements.

2000 has been an exciting year. We have seen several goals met that were only ideas last year. Working with NCDOT on recordation changes and preparing a job classification template should make our work a little easier.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as your President of the North Carolina Property Mappers Association in 2000. It would not have been a successful year without the hard work and dedication of the Executive Board and the many volunteers on the various committees that help serve you, the members. I would like to ask all members to share your experience, knowledge and energy by helping with a committee.

I encourage you to contact me or any Board member if there are any issues or questions, or if you would just like to say hi! As a famous radio psychologist says "We are listening."


Richard L. Davis
NCPMA President

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