North Carolina Property Mappers Association


Since 2002, the NCPMA has been pleased to co-sponsor workshops free to government employees on topics of interest to property mappers and related professions. These workshops are usually held in the spring, and are strategically located across the state to make travel as easy as possible for our members across the state.


Fall 2017 Review Officer Workshops

Previous Workshops

Spring 2017 Land Records Workshops
Fall 2016 Review Officer Workshops
Spring 2016 Land Records Workshops
Fall 2015 Review Officer Workshops
2015 Spring Workshops
2014 Review Officer Workshops
2014 Spring Workshops
2013 Spring Workshops
2012 Spring Workshops
2011 Spring Workshops
2010 Spring Workshops
2009 Spring Workshops
2008 Spring Workshops
2006 Spring Workshops
2005 Spring Workshops
2004 Spring Workshops
2003 Fall Workshop (Northeast)
2003 Spring Workshops (Southeast, Piedmont & Mountain)
2002 Spring Workshops

While the NCPMA organizes and sponsors these free workshops, we couldn't do it without the gracious help of the following associations and state agencies which have provided presenters for these workshops.
Our many thanks go out to them for all their assistance!

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